Online Training Academy

Welcome to the Funda Wande Online Training Academy - your gateway to a world of free, high-quality educational content.  We are dedicated to providing an array of free educational content designed to empower individuals like you on their learning journey. Whether you're a coach, subject adviser, a teacher, or simply a curious mind, our academy is your gateway to a world of information, expertise, and inspiration.

Our Courses

If all children are to learn to read for meaning and calculate with confidence by 2030, we will need many more coaches, subject advisers and teachers to be trained on how to teach reading for meaning and mathematics. Funda Wande has developed courses that are specifically tailored to early literacy, numeracy and teaching reading in African languages.

Everything we do is about prioritizing, thinking through and testing interventions that will lead to all children learning to read for meaning and calculate with confidence by age 10 by 2030

Our mission

Funda Wande is a not-for-profit organization that aims to equip teachers to teach reading-for-meaning and calculating-with-confidence in Grades R-3 in South Africa. 


Our materials and training are created in the languages that children speak and understand and are freely-available for anyone to download and use. 

Our team

Our team is comprised of smart and dedicated people who believe in our long-term vision, that it is indeed possible for all South African kids to learn to read for meaning and calculate with confidence by age 10 by 2030.