Welcome and Orientation

Welcome to Funda Wande Reading Academy

This module covers Decoding and Comprehension.

There are 20 lessons in this Module, each of which will take approximately an hour to complete.

You should be able to complete the Module in 20 hours.

It is important that you go through the lessons in sequence as each lesson builds on the content

from the previous one. We encourage you to be an active reader while engaging with each lesson.

Each lesson has a video(s) that you need to watch and a self assessment (quiz) to be completed.

In order to gain the most from this course, please ensure that you watch the videos in full and that you complete each self-assessment.

You'll have multiple opportunities to complete the self-assessments (quizzes).

Final Assessments

The final assessment is made up of two tests and the details are as follows:

  • Assessment 1 is taken after the completion of the Comprehension module.
  • Final Assessment 2 after the completion of the CAPS Reading Activities module.
  • Each test lasting 1 hour and is in multiple-choice format.
  • You will receive your results after clicking the submit button at the end of each the test.
  • If you fail the test you will be provided a second chance to take the test and a new date will be scheduled for this.

Lesson 01

What is Reading?

Lesson 11

What is vocabulary and why is it important?

Lesson 02

The Big Five components of reading

Lesson 12

How do we teach vocabulary?

Lesson 03

What are phonological and phonemic awareness?

Lesson 13

Teaching comprehension

Lesson 04

Teaching phonological and phonemic awareness

Lesson 14

Strategy 1 – Activating background knowledge

Lesson 05

Letter-sound knowledge and phonics

Lesson 15

Strategy 2 – Predicting

Lesson 06

Blending and segmenting (syllables and words)

Lesson 16

Strategy 3 – Visualising

Lesson 07

Assessing letter-sound knowledge

Lesson 17

Strategy 4 – Inferring

Lesson 08

Developing word reading (recognition)

Lesson 18

Strategy 5 – Monitoring and repair

Lesson 09

Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)

Lesson 19

Strategy 6 – Summarising

Lesson 10

Assessing ORF

Lesson 20

Using questions to build comprehension

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